Application to Discharge Wastewater into MC Land and Stream

Further information on the the upcoming permit made by GRP. We need your input soon as possible. The time for public comment will end by approximately January 24th, 2021. We need your voice to protect our county.

Below is the entire application submitted, broken into sections.

  • GRP Application Summary page - One page with name of applicant, NPDES permit number, and application checklist.

  • Letter from EDP to GRP acknowledging receipt of application - Two page letter from Whitney Fenwick, Acting Manager Industrial Permitting Unit, Georgia EDP highlighting regulations surrounding permit and permitting process.

  • Cover letter for the permit application - One page letter states copy of the draft NPDES permit, as well as additional supporting documentation is included in transmission.

  • Public Notice - One page public notice calling for public comment regarding the application to discharge treated wastewater into waters at the GRP biomass plant located in Colbert, Georgia. Full Application - 66-page draft of application, including, among other regulations and measurements, anticipated effluent composition and characteristics.

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