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Action Committees

•You do not have to join a group.

•If you do join, you are not limited to one group

•We will provide contact information for all the group leaders, so if you have something of interest for that group, you can send it along.

•If you have an idea for additional groups, feel free to add your ideas to the list.



•Health - Dave R. 

Documents health related issues in community that are possibly related to biomass plant operations; reach out to health care professionals to see if they notice clusters of symptoms related to power plant.

•Petition - Gina  

Community outreach: Circulates petitions, passes out palm cards and statements from health care agencies, sells and/or distributes signs, organizes club and neighborhood outreach presentations.

•Research - Wendy

Collects and summarizes relevant scientific, health, and legal information from newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals, movies, TV, internet

•Communications - David V.

Contacts newspapers & media outlets; writes letters to editor, politicians, various organizations

•Historian - Ruth Ann

Saves, organizes everything - files and documents such as permits, EPD violations & complaints, other regulatory documents, newspaper articles, & research articles. All will be uploaded onto our website.

•Protesters – Drago                                     

Carry banners and signs, both locally and at various state locations, to draw attention to the critical issues citizens are facing due to the power plant.

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